Online Juror Registration

For any questions not covered by this information page, please call Jury Services at (904) 548-4607.

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Information for Jurors

Reporting Instructions – Current Selection Range: October 12th – 23rd

Prospective jurors must log into and complete the questionnaire by
the date shown on their juror summons. If you are unable to serve at this time,
you will have the ability to request a postponement, excusal or
disqualification from jury service, after you complete the questionnaire.

Jurors will receive an email to confirm their reporting
status. Please note you may have to report on a day different than the start
date on your summons.

If you need assistance with completing your registration or
receiving your reporting instructions, please call our Juror Services
department at (904) 548-4607.

If you are called to serve, please be advised that we are
taking all precautions for your safety as required by the Florida Supreme Court
and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control including masks, social
distancing, hand hygiene, and sanitizing workspaces.