Teen Court

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About Teen Court

Teen volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a courtroom experience run by teens for teens. Teen Court allows youthful offenders, who plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime to have their cases heard by a jury of their peers. Teen volunteers serve as prosecuting and defense attorneys, bailiffs, court clerks, and jurors. A volunteer attorney presides as the Judge and is the only adult directly involved in the court proceedings.

Cases are referred to Teen Court by law enforcement through Juvenile Civil Citations for first-time misdemeanor crimes deferring them from Juvenile Court.

Student volunteers interested in serving as jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, and clerks are always needed. Training sessions are scheduled periodically throughout the years. To volunteer:

         ·         You must be between the ages of 11 and 18

         ·         You must abide by the rules of the program

         ·         You must sign, respect, and abide by the “Oath of Confidentiality”

         ·         You must demonstrate maturity and sensitivity

Young volunteers from the ages of 11-18 will be given the “hands-on” experience with the legal process, become familiar with the court system, and learn about various career opportunities through the community service they perform.

For more information on this program, call (904) 548-4611

Teen Court Schedule

begins at 5:30pm, Teen Court starts at 6:00pm

There are no upcoming events at this time